Frock it Bergen 2015
Frock it Bergen Bergen Samle inn til Kreftforeningens arbeid

Frock it Bergen 2015

Since 2013, we've started a fundraiser for women's cancer here in Bergen called "Frock it Bergen". This initiative was inspired by "Frocktober", which is an annual charity event run by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in Australia. The idea is to wear a different dress, every day in October, to raise money and awareness for gynaecological cancers such as endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer etc. Many women's cancers are hard to detect, while others need routine checks that many of us women don't know about. Since we are both scientists in the biological sciences, we also appreciate the support cancer research receives from charity organisations. Besides participating ourselves, we have set up this page to give others like us the opportunity to participate in a fun yet meaningful way. Since we are based out of Bergen, Norway, all proceeds go to the Norwegian Cancer Foundation (Kreftforeningen). We are grateful for all the support and participation here in Bergen, and around the world. Let's frock to defrock cancer!

Amount Raised:
Target: 20,000 kr
9/30/2015 11/1/2015



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Frock it Bergen 2015
Frock it Bergen
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